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Start the Conversation

Keep content interesting and relevant – people want to be educated and informed. The old way to reach this audience was to implement standard training and educational programs with passive, required participation from a company’s staff. We believe true community engagement takes place in a more active participation model where a company shares practical advice with their team and allows this group to actively and consistently share their practical advice with each other.

Let Everyone Have A Voice

Set the tone with communication guidelines - trust your audience. When an engaged audience of employees in business truly becomes part of your organization, your community, you will gain their loyalty, trust and engagement. When you achieve this, your company becomes their employer of choice and they become engaged brand ambassadors within your organization and industry to other employees, clients, competitors and suppliers.

Encourage & Engage

Populate the site with content that supports the company’s culture. Just like shrink wrapped software, our Content in a Box solution delivers everything you need to start and keep an engaged audience. The “box” contains instructions on how to engage your audience, roles and responsibilities for community engagement, best practices, what not to do and more.

Social Audiences: Empowering Workforces and Engaging Audiences by Building Communities with Social Content.

The four key components to build a social business are:

Collaborative Technology

1We recommend the IBM Social Business Collaboration Solution. We know how to use it, we use it every day for our business and we can teach your workforce how to use it to engage.

Audience Engagement

2Our Social Audiences’ team has changed the entire paradigm on partnering. We are the authority in community building, audience engagement and content delivery.

Engaging Conversations

3To implement a success social business program, you must understand and agree, it is no longer about just showing up where they are; it’s about inviting them to connect as active and engaged participants.

Social Content

4Change the way you connect and engage with your audience, speak their language, talk about what they are interested in. Implement a new social way of community/team building.

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